Amanda Bradshaw

Full Name:

Amanda Bradshaw

What name/ nick name do you prefer?


When did you start with Painters?


What is your job title?

Project Coordinator Texas Region 

What do you like most about your job?

Everyday brings a new adventure and my painters family.

What is your favorite job throughout your lifetime?

I have only had two, I worked at my last company for 17 years.  I made the move to Painters because I wanted a change of pace.  Ask me in a year.  

What makes you happy?


What do you like to do for fun, as a hobby, or special interest?

Being on the water of any fish, fishing, tubing, boating, kayaking, swimming and lounging. 

Tell us something interesting  or extrodinary about yourself.

I used to ride bulls in high school. 

Tell us something that everyone doesn't already know about you.

I am an open  book. 

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