Brent Hicks

Brent Hicks

Full Name:

Brent Hicks

When did you start with Painters USA? 

June 2019 

What is your job title?

Outside Sales Representative DFW Texas Region

What do you like most about your job?

The wide array of services offered - every day will be different.

What was your favorite job throughout your lifetime?

Surgical Sales that focused primarily on critical limb ischemia - preventing amputations.

What makes you happy?

Being with my family no matter what we are doing. Taking exotic vacations. Volunteering at the Children's Hospital cancer and burn units has been very rewarding, and it's a family activity we have been doing since 2005. 

What do you like to do for fun, as a hobby, or special interest?

Refurbish classic cars, camping, riding, learning something new.  I'm also a board member of the Texas Association of Umpires.  I coached and umpired baseball, football and basketball for over 20 years, and was elected to the board three years ago. 

Tell us something interesting or extraordinary about yourself:

I was recruited by 6 Division I schools to play football, but ultimately walked on at The University of Nebraska.

Tell us something everyone doesn’t already know about you:

My all time dream was to be a Navy Seal.

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