Elizabeth Renteria

Full Name:

Elizabeth Renteria

What name/ nick name do you prefer?

Liz or Lizzy

When did you start with Painters?


What is your job title?

Human Resource Administrative Assistant

What do you like most about your job?

Painters USA takes great care of their employees, Office and Field. We have a great team.  

What is your favorite job throughout your lifetime?

Painters USA for sure. Before Painters USA, I would have to say being a Manager/Sales Associate for Metro PCS. 

What makes you happy?

My family being happy and fishing. 

What do you like to do for fun, as a hobby, or special interest?

  • Writing
  • Cooking
  • Dancing
  • Crocheting 

Tell us something interesting  or extrodinary about yourself.

I love old school vehicles. One of my goals is to have a '72 Chevy pick-up. 

Tell us something that everyone doesn't already know about you.

I worked with my uncle for about a year doing auto body and mechanic work. 

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