Kahla Standwich

Kahla Standwich

Full Name:

Kahla Standwich

What name/ nick name do you prefer?


When did you start with Painters?

June 2018

What is your job title?

Human Resources & Division Administrator Danville Region

What do you like most about your job?

Being able to see and be a part of the change and organizational growth within PUSA/Redimere.

What is your favorite job throughout your lifetime?

Aside from PUSA/Redimere  – I love working at Sweet Repeats, a vintage/antique shop in downtown Danville, IL.

What makes you happy?

Beaches, warm weather, and my dog, Thea.

What do you like to do for fun, as a hobby, or special interest?

Renovating my house, going to rummage sales, reading, and spending time with my family and friends

Tell us something interesting  or extrodinary about yourself.

I was a gymnast for 12 years.

Tell us something that everyone doesn't already know about you.

I am an avid stargazer - anytime there is a meteor shower, I make sure to stay up late to see it.

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