9 Important Issues To Consider

9 Important Issues To Consider

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Before you choose a painting contractor you may want to consider some very important issues...

Avoid the hassles and problems and you will look great!

Meeting your needs, on time and on budget with no problems should be the least you expect...after all, you want it to look amazing.

The people at Painters USA understand that price is an important factor, however, other factors, such as reliable scheduling, top notch workmanship and the quality of people we send to the job, are paramount to making your facility (and you) look great.

Take a closer look at who you are contracting with, and see how important these issues are to you.

9 Important Issues To Take Into Consideration:

Use this handy checklist for your convenience.

    Other Contractors? Painters USA
1.   Full time employees, not sub-contractors? Yes - No Yes
2.   Are the workers fully insured with workman's compensation and liability, providing you with a copy of certificate showing coverage? Yes - No Yes
3.   Do you know who is entering your business? Is a criminal background check run on employees? Yes - No Yes
4. Drug Screening for all employees? Yes - No Yes
5. Trained employees / certificate from NCCER three-year apprentice program? Yes - No Yes
6. OSHA certified - 10 hour course? Yes - No Yes
7. Comprehensive quality control checklist completed on every job? Yes - No Yes
8. When you call do you get a live person? Yes - No Yes
9. Written Warranty provided? Yes - No Yes

Painters USA has built long term relationships, painting businesses inside and out for over 30 years.  You will get top professionals who deliver quality, expert workmanship.

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