Concrete Grain Silo Roof Repair & Coating in Benson, IL


  • Repair & coat the roofs of 2 large concrete grain silos.
  • Our client, a large farmers association in Illinois, had concrete silos with cracked, leaking roofs that were leading to grain spoilage & loss of revenue.  We were contracted to repair all cracks & spalls on the rooftops then apply an elastomeric coating as a protective barrier against the elements.


  1. Extensive pre-job planning meetings with client, vendors, & employees.
  2. Completely remove existing failing coating with a 6000 psi power wash.
  3. Hand tool & power tool all exposed rebar and coat with a rust encapsulant.
  4. Saw cut perimeter of all spalls & fill with repair mortar.
  5. Grind out all cracks & fill with a polyurethane joint compound.
  6. Replace flashing around all roof protrusions & vents using Uniflex Premium Elastomeric Flashing coating and Uniflex Polyester Fabric.
  7. Paint all vents, piping, and metal structures with 2 coats Myo-Aluminum.
  8. Prime roof area with one coat acrylic concrete primer.
  9. Apply 2 coats solvent based, white elastomeric coating.
  10. Broadcast aggregate into top coat to create an anti-slip surface.



  • We are able to provide a 10 year warranty dependent on yearly inspections.
  • Silo roofs no longer leak, protecting the contents inside, thereby stopping the loss of revenue due to spoilage.
  • The reflective white coating will help silos stay cooler in higher temperatures.
  • Client satisfaction with the finished product has led to other projects within their organization & referrals within the grain & feed industry.