Ceiling Sandblasting & Painting in a Food Processing Plant in Champaign, IL


  • Sandblast & repaint a 50,000 square foot section of ceiling in a food processing plant.
  • Our client, a global food processing company, had a 10 day shutdown period for maintenance projects.  Our task was to completely remove the failing ceiling coating and apply a food grade coating.  With only 10 days to complete the project, planning & preparation were paramount.


  1. Extensive pre-job planning meetings with client, vendors, & employees.
  2. Mobilize 10 four man crews to the jobsite.
  3. Erect scaffolding around food processing equipment and up to ceiling.
  4. Use bristle blasters & power tools to remove existing failing coating.**.
  5. Sand blast ceiling to remove failing coating, being carefull to contain all blast media.**.
  6. Meticulously clean up & dispose of all blast media.
  7. Apply food grade coating to ceiling.
  8. Attend a post-job walk through with the client to carefully inspect the work.

          **Our initial process to remove the existing coating was revised to incorporate sandblasting when it became evident the project would not be completed in the allotted shutdown time frame if only using bristle blasters & power tools.


  • Ceiling is now protected by a food grade coating that is approved by the FDA & USDA.
  • Ceiling will now pass all inspections put forth by the food industry.
  • Client satisfaction with the finished product has led to other projects within their organization & referrals within the food processing industry.