CASE STUDY: Industrial Cleaning in a Confined Space

Our client in the food industry noticed a buildup of dust & oil in some hard to get to places in their facility. 

 Main Scope & Process

  • Deep cleaning of the surfaces by hand using a degreasing compound.
  • Our confined space certified employees got into the tight spaces and found after cleaning, some of the surfaces were experiencing coating failure.
  • Masked all areas that were not to be painted.
  • Applied 2 coats of a food safe coating on the areas confirmed by our client that needed paint.
  • Applied coating using brush & roll methods to achieve correct mil thickness.


  • The confined space is now safe for inspection.
  • Our client was very happy that we had confined space certified employees on staff.

This task was part of a much larger project that was not included in the original scope of work.  As we were working close to this space, our foreman noticed the build up of debris and alerted the shift supervisor.  He was extermely pleased that we noticed the area and gave the go ahead to fix the problem.

Our client was extremely satisfied and has told us that visitors to their facility have commented on how clean & new their production area looks.