CASE STUDY: Machine Cleaning & Painting

A manufacturing facility finally decided to tackle the much overdo maintenance project of cleaning and painting their well-used machinery.  The 50-plus machines ranged anywhere from 10-40 years old – and many looked older than that.

 Main Scope & Process

  • Deep cleaning of the surfaces, by hand in many cases, using a combination of dusting and degreasing.
  • We then lightly sanded the machinery to create the right profile before coating.
  • Masked all components that were not to be painted like controls & gauges.
  • Applied 1-2 coats of JC Licht Inviropoxy Perfection with an electrostatic sprayer.
  • We then removed all masking, and cleaned up our workspace.

We presented to the client in a spreadsheet format, signed off by our foreman and a designated client representative. This assured that the work met all standards - both theirs & ours.


  • Workforce now has machinery that looks like new & has improved morale in the plant.
  • Hydraulic fluids previously hidden by old grease & grime will now be more easily detected.
  • A machinery cleaning maintenance program has instituted to keep everything looking new and performing at high levels.
  • Longer life span for the machinery.

Our client was extremely satisfied and has told us that visitors to their facility have commented on how clean & new their production area looks.