Chemical Plants

Chemical Plants

From the estimate to follow up call, Painters USA is a great company and look forward to doing more work. Keep up the great work.

—Food processing plant manager

When producing or working with reactive chemicals, it is important to keep a safe and orderly environment, which applies to every aspect of the building. Whether it is the flooring, lighting, painting, traffic flow, shelving, doors, machinery or any other building component, chemical plants and factories must be kept in compliance with all laws and best practices.

Painters USA, widely experienced in commercial and industrial painting, has the knowledge and infrastructure necessary to work in exacting environments like chemical plants. We provide expert painting and flooring services for specialized industrial facilities, and we always make it our first priority to work in a safe, legal manner in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Adjusting our work according to the needs of our clients, Painters USA can paint your chemical plant or manufacturing facility whenever you need it—evenings, weekends, holidays and during plant shutdowns. Our crews keep a safe and tidy work area, and are careful to protect all exposed surfaces and machinery to avoid drips and overspray.

We can also make sure your chemical plant space and surfaces are properly prepped and cleaned before starting work. Abrasive blasting is a versatile industrial cleaning technique that can roughen smooth surfaces or smooth rougher surfaces, depending on your needs. Abrasive blasting is also an effective way to remove surface contaminants or shape a surface. Sandblasting is a type of abrasive blasting that uses highly-pressurized sand to improve the quality of surfaces and prepare them for painting or cleaning in your chemical plant. If you are looking for abrasive blasting or sandblasting services, contact us today for a free estimate!