Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing: Industrial & Commercial Flooring Solutions

One of the most versatile and enduring choices for flooring applications is concrete polishing. This process takes an ordinary, dull, gray floor and transforms it into a resilient, attractive work surface. Using specially designed polishers and careful procedures, a skilled concrete polishing contractor can produce an ideal floor for any workplace.

What Are the Benefits of Polished Concrete?

Easy to clean: Unlike regular concrete, which is porous and stains easily, polished concrete resists chemical, oil and contaminant penetration. This prevents staining, dirt buildup and microbial growth.

Attractive: A polished concrete floor is bright, reflective and clean looking, providing a safer and more pleasant atmosphere for employees and customers. It can also be etched or stained to achieve a wide variety of pleasing visual effects.

Durable: A typical concrete floor wears and chips easily, and if it is treated or sealed, the treatment must be repeated regularly. Polished concrete, on the other hand, retains all of its superior qualities over the long-term, saving money and man power.

Not Slippery: In normal conditions, polished concrete is not any more slippery than regular concrete, and much less slick than typical linoleum or marble. For extra safety, it can also be coated with anti-slip conditioners.

Versatile: Polished concrete is the perfect choice for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. In commercial and industrial settings it can be used in lobbies, production floors, storage areas, hallways, warehouses, patios and much more.

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