Concrete Floor Repair

Industrial Concrete Floor Repair & Resurfacing 

Since few aspects of a building are as fundamentally important as the floor, it is critical to repair cracked concrete early on. Industrial and commercial facilities put great strain on concrete floors, with heavy loads, vibrating machinery and forklift traffic. These factors cause small cracks to quickly become large problems.

Based in Chicago, Painters USA provides expert interior concrete repair services. As a commercial and industrial painting contractor, we can grind, repair and resurface your concrete, restoring a safe, level, attractive surface. Our concrete floor repair experts work around your schedule to minimize downtime in your commercial or industrial facility.

It is unwise to ignore cracks in concrete floors because they can quickly create several hazardous conditions and liability concerns. With time and wear, the uneven surface becomes a cause of falls and injuries. Running across raised cracks, forklifts bump and sway, and their loads shift dangerously. Additionally, stacked machinery or merchandise can also tip over as cracks shift and expand. Finally, moisture and debris tend to collect in floor cracks, inviting microbial growth and health concerns.

To alleviate these concerns, it is essential to repair cracked concrete and faulty expansion joints as soon as the problem surfaces.  Contact Painters USA to receive an expert evaluation of your interior concrete floors. We provide commercial and industrial painting services nationwide.

very respectful throughout the week. We are very impressed with their work.

—Chemical manufacturing plant manager