Fluid Applied Roof Coating Services in Texas

Fluid Applied Roof Coating Services in Texas

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Many metal and flat roofs don’t necessarily have to be replaced when they begin to fail, but can be completely renovated with a roof coating. Flat roofs are slower in shedding water and even the slightest problem in the seal can lead to leaks. Metal roofing eventually begins to chip, oxidize, corrode and develop small leaks. The cost-effective and foolproof answer to both problems is roof coatings applied by a qualified industrial / commercial painting contractor. Here are some reasons why:

  • Cost-Effective — Roof painting services are cheaper than replacing a roof altogether, and last a long time.
  • Waterproof — Elastic coatings like elastomeric are able to bridge hairline gaps or small holes.
  • Convenient — Installation is both faster and less disruptive to your business.
  • Energy-efficient — Reflective fluid-applied roof coatings keep solar heat from driving up your A/C costs.

A fluid-applied roof coating like elastomeric coatings are excellent roofing solutions for restaurants, retail buildings, warehouses, industrial properties, medical buildings, and any other building with a metal or flat roof. 

To find out if your building can benefit from fluid-applied roof coatings, speak with a knowledgeable industrial / commercial painting contractor. PAINTERS USA INC. is an experienced, professional painting contractor based in Arlington, Texas and serving the Dallas - Forth Worth area, North Texas and well beyond. To hear about roof painting services call us at (817) 962-0551 or (214) 521-3100 or receive an estimate.

Texas Region offices covers the entire southern United States comprising of Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Albama, Georgia and others.   

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