Graffiti Removal & Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Graffiti Removal & Anti-Graffiti Coatings by Painters USA

One of the least pleasant aspects of operating a business is graffiti removal and prevention. From inner Chicago to the suburbs of Joliet, businesses suffer the frustrating and unsightly effects of graffiti and other kinds of vandalism. Removing graffiti requires expert knowledge of substrates and paint types, so it is best removed by a commercial/industrial painting contractor such as Painters USA.

Most industrial and commercial facilities have a block or metal exterior, and the type of material can impact the best way to remove graffiti. In addition, the type of paint or marker used to create the graffiti also changes the way it should be removed. Painters USA knows the best way to treat each situation to remove graffiti without damaging the walls or surfaces.

Painters USA’s graffiti removal techniques include pressure washing, sand blasting, chemical treatments and repainting. We also provide graffiti prevention services, including applying anti-graffiti coatings, which help prevent graffiti from adhering to a wall.

With a wide spectrum of services, Painters USA serves factories, warehouses, stores, HOA’s, libraries, schools, churches, airports, parking garages, laboratories, municipalities, agricultural facilities and more.

At Painters USA, we provide our wide experience with Commercial / Industrial work for you, including detailed product knowledge to help you decide on the right materials for your building. In addition, our expert workers take the time to do every step of the project correctly, including the laborious preparation, so that your projects will recieve maximum performance. Painters USA’s Commercial / Industrial / Residential crews also work evenings, weekends, holidays and business shutdown time in order to prevent unnecessary disruption to your organization.

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