Interior Commercial Painting for Malls & Shopping Centers

Interior Commercial Painting for Malls & Shopping Centers

From the estimate to follow up call, Painters USA is a great company and look forward to doing more work. Keep up the great work.

—Food processing plant manager

For decades, Painters USA has been a valuable asset to commercial property managers by providing high quality, long lasting painting, flooring, & industrial cleaning services all across the country.  Whether they manage shopping centers, office buildings, or industrial parks, they know they can count on us to complete projects on time & on budget.

Interior Services

High pedestrian traffic in shopping centers and malls can really take its toll on your floors & walls.  In a relatively short time those surfaces can start to look run-down, leaving a less than favorable impression on your customers.  Painters USA uses durable products on high traffic areas that withstand frequent cleaning, scuffing, and the everyday wear & tear comes with operating a retail enterprise.

The floors in malls & shopping centers are the most susceptible area to show weathering.  In recent years, the process we have performed most in stores is concrete polishing.  This procedure is the longest lasting floor option because there is no coating on the floor – it is just ground down concrete using a succession of diamond bits finished to the sheen you desire. The versatility of this process also allows us to stain your logo, patterns, or pretty much any other design you’d like right into the concrete.  Another option is epoxy flooring.  Epoxy floors are tried and true, and can be highly decorative.  From metallics to vinyl chips to anti-slip, the possibilities of finishes are endless when choosing an epoxy floor.

Exposed ceilings have become very popular in retail settings, giving spaces a more stripped down, industrial look.  Painters USA coats these open ceilings with a dry-fall product which means the paint actually turns to dust by the time it reaches the floor.

From people to products, your walls take a beating, often leaving unsightly marks & scuffs towards the bottom of your walls. Painters USA has access to a remarkable coating for use on walls that is highly scuff-resistant.  Check out the video below to see this product in action.

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