Line Striping and Bin Marking

While some kinds of painting are primarily for beauty and appearance, other situations require a purely practical application. Line Striping and Bin Marking are classic examples. In order for an industrial facility to operate correctly, it is necessary to paint lines on the floors to direct machinery and keep the workflow safe and efficient. Bins and silos must also be clearly labeled to keep the right products and materials in their proper locations.

At Painters USA, we apply our committment to quality and attractiveness to every job. That means that even when we are painting line stripes on a factory floor or color-coding metal bins, we do so with attention to detail and excellent results. We share your goals for an orderly, pleasant work environment, and you can rely on our line striping and bin marking to be completed to a high standard of excellence.

Painters USA can help your organization comply with ISO 9001, Six Sigma (6S), and Lean Manufacturing guidelines by applying long lasting floor/bin markings around your facility.  A major component of the Lean Manufacturing system is having "a place for everything, and everything in it's place."  We can help you with this by applying identifying markers for aisles, pedestrian walkways, bins, equipment, & material locations - all while using high quality industrial coatings.

Line striping in a parking lot must be kept clean and bright to make a good impression on clients and to keep traffic moving smoothly and safely. Within your facility, this is even more the case, as forklifts paths, foot traffic areas, safety zones and storage areas must be clearly indicated.

Bin marking helps to keep products separated and organized, whether they contain volatile chemicals, food products or simply garbage. Normal wear and exposure can quickly obscure bin markings with scuffs and surface contaminants. Painters USA can help prevent costly and dangerous mixups with a regularly scheduled paint maintenance plan. 

From the estimate to follow up call, Painters USA is a great company and look forward to doing more work. Keep up the great work.

—Food processing plant manager

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