Painting & Flooring for Retail Spaces

Painting & Flooring for Retail Spaces

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Painters USA has been handling commercial retail stores’ projects for decades.  We have perfected our processes to the point where we cause little or no disruption to the everyday operations and heavy traffic associated with retail locations in the Chicago, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, and Danville, IL areas.

As you can imagine, the floors and walls in grocery stores, big box stores, retail chains, and small businesses take quite a beating due to the high pedestrian traffic in their places of business.  Not to mention the damage that can be caused by wayward shopping carts & children!  Over the years, Painters USA has seen it all when it comes to repair, painting, & flooring projects.  And more recently, with the popularity of exposed open truss ceilings on the rise, we have started using our industrial cleaning expertise (that is usually reserved for manufacturing & production facilities) to clean the build-up of dust and other contaminants that accumulate on the ceiling’s beams.  Keeping the ceilings clean provides a healthier environment for employees & customers alike – and brightens up your store with increased reflectivity of light.

Painters USA’s flooring division can also make these stores safer by repairing cracks, spalls, and uneven floors reducing trip hazards.  And in inclement weather, an anti-slip floor coating can really make a difference for anyone who enters these spaces.  As you know the rugs and mats placed at the entrances quickly become soaked & thereby ineffective in keeping moisture out of the aisles.

Epoxy flooring, concrete staining, and concrete polishing can add a decorative, as well as practical, aspect to your floors.  You can really set yourself apart from the competition by staining your logo into the floor, or laying down your corporate color scheme for all to see.  Scroll through the slideshow below to see some examples of the type of work Painters USA has completed in retail settings.

Painters USA’s Locations

Our 4 locations allow us to travel nationwide for large commercial & industrial painting, flooring, & industrial cleaning projects. They also serve the immediate areas around them.

Dallas, TX – Our Dallas office serves the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, as well as the cities of Waco, Austin, San Antonio, and Wichita Falls in Texas. It also handles the surrounding states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, and Colorado. Learn more about industrial, commercial, and ag painting, cleaning, and flooring services from our Dallas, TX office here...

Houston, TX – Our Houston office serves the eastern part of the state including the cities of Galveston, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, and College Station. This location also travels to Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia. Learn more about industrial, commercial, and ag painting, cleaning, and flooring services from our Houston, TX office here...

Chicago Region – Our headquarters are in the Chicago suburb of Glendale Heights. IL and serves the entire Chicago, northern Indiana, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, & Detroit areas. This office also handles most of our nationwide projects. Learn more about industrial, commercial, and ag painting, cleaning, and flooring services from our Chicago office here...

Central Illinois Region – Our concrete division, Redimere Surface Solutions, is located in Danville, IL (outside of Champaign, IL. Like our other locations, this one also performs painting, flooring, & industrial cleaning services in areas like Peoria, Bloomington, St. Louis, Lafayette, Terre Haute, & Indianapolis. Visit Redimere's industrial flooring office here...

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