Architectural Concrete Floors

White Concrete Floors are at the forefront of modern design and cutting-edge technical innovation in decorative and industrial concrete floors.

Our experience is immense and so is our expertise, equipping us to meet flooring needs that range from small-scale art projects to shopping centers and huge factories.

We are experts in industrial concrete flooring, but have taken it to a higher level of design. Like all good artisans, we approach our work with complete professionalism and a willingness to experiment.

Our flooring systems offer architectural freedom to design everything from a plain, clear white concrete floor to colored concrete with multi-colored aggregates. Choice is only limited by the architect’s imagination. When you want a sleek, high-performance, custom concrete floor, our background and continual development of industrial applications makes our solutions absolutely the right choice.

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Very professional, timely, cordial and polite! Additionally, I am very happy with the cleaning and the results. It makes such a big difference in the overall appearance of the warehouse and the building. Thank you! Well worth it.

—Industrial facility manager