Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is extremely popular, and finds its way into a variety of commercial and industrial facilities.

Whether your property is a shopping mall or an industrial production environment, the durable, aesthetically pleasing nature of polished concrete is easy to appreciate. 

Benefits of polished concrete include:

  • Easy to Clean - Polished concrete does not offer the typical nooks and crannies where stains, oil, dirt, and microbial growth can penetrate.
  • Safety - A bright, reflective floor certainly looks great, but it also contributes to a safer environment as a whole.
  • Non-Slip - Polished concrete can meet, and often exceed, OSHA requirements for friction levels.
  • Increased Strength - If your surface is older or deteriorating, polishing is an ideal way to restore strength and impact resistance. 
  • No Tire Marks - Because there are no resins to burn on the surface, polished concrete will never sustain tire marks that are typically impossible to remove on other systems.

How Do We Polish Concrete?

Using our specialized equipment and techniques, we can grind and polish your floor’s surface, quickly rendering a complete transformation. For a closer look at an example of this process, please visit our project blog.

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