Decorative & Stamped Concrete

Redimere Surface Solutions’ award-winning team consists of industry leaders in decorative concrete installation.  After taking 1st place in the Concrete Artistry Competition at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Redimere Surface Solutions gained international acclaim and set the industry standard in decorative concrete.

While still keeping the standard characteristics of more conventional concrete, stamped concrete opens the door to a more customizable design plan.

What are a few other benefits worth considering?

  • A cost-effective way to take your concrete's design to the next level
  • Offers versatile style paired with concrete's attractive durability
  • Requires less maintenance (and expense!) than pavers and natural stone
  • Can last for decades when installation and maintenance are done correctly

What Does the Process of Stamping Concrete Include?

After your concrete is poured, we then use specialized tools to color and imprint the surface with any desired pattern or design.

Another extremely popular direction we can take your concrete is vertical stamping. With the use of a specially-formulated, cementitious material in a vertical application, we can stamp and color unique patterns and effects on vertical cement surfaces.

Popular Stamped Concrete Styles and Colors

As we mentioned above, the beauty of stamped concrete is found in its versatility. There are styles and colors for everyone, often effortlessly mimicking more expensive materials and stone. Below are a few of the most popular options we can provide!

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Very professional, timely, cordial and polite! Additionally, I am very happy with the cleaning and the results. It makes such a big difference in the overall appearance of the warehouse and the building. Thank you! Well worth it.

—Industrial facility manager

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