Urethane Cement or Thermal Shock Resistant Floor Coatings

Urethane Cement or Thermal Shock Resistant Floor Coatings

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Redimere Surface Solutions floor coatings applications go far beyond traditional epoxy coatings.  We also install urethane cement or thermal shock resistant floor coatings.                 

Thermal shock resistant floor coatings are often used in industries where frequent high pressure & high temperature washdowns occur – like in food processing plants or vehicle wash bays.  These coatings are engineered to withstand rapid temperature fluctuations without cracking or popping, leading to coating failure.  Urethane cement is one such coating designed to contradict the thermal shock that cold floors encounter when hit with hot water during cleaning processes.  Standard epoxies do not have these expansion & contraction properties, and aren’t as durable in constantly wet conditions.

When a coating is applied to a floor, it becomes part of that floor.  However, concrete & the applied coating have different gradients by which they expand during heating & cooling.  Thermal shock occurs when the difference of these gradients is reached & one part of the surface expands or contracts before the other, producing a failure or crack.  Think of it this way:  Ice cubes placed in a glass of warm water crack by thermal shock as the exterior surface increases in temperature much faster than the interior. The outer layer expands as it warms, while the interior remains largely unchanged. This rapid change in volume between different layers creates stresses in the ice that build until the force exceeds the strength of the ice, and a crack forms.

As with any floor project performed by Redimere Surface Solutions, proper preparation is crucial to a coating’s performance.  We prepare every floor surface by diamond grinding the top layer of concrete.  This opens up the pores of the concrete, giving the urethane cement a rough substrate to adhere to for a superior bond.  This ensures a long-lasting coating that can hold up to the heaviest of machine, forklift, & foot traffic.

Redimere takes the time to properly spec every project, giving you peace of mind that you will receive a job done right the first time.

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