You Have A Future In Paint

You Have A Future In Paint

Very professional, timely, cordial and polite! Additionally, I am very happy with the cleaning and the results. It makes such a big difference in the overall appearance of the warehouse and the building. Thank you! Well worth it.

—Industrial facility manager

It comes with great pay and benefits. In-house training & certifications, too.  Lots of advancement opportunities.  It’s one terrific career! 

Paint Your Way Up The Painters USA Career Ladder

High School Grads

  • Just starting out?
  • Want an alternative to college?
  • A job with an actual future?
  • Growth potential?
  • A career? 

Already a Painter

  • Looking for a better opportunity?
  • Better pay and benefits?
  • A work environment where advancement is encouraged?
  • A career?

If any of these apply to you, then talk to the management team at Painters USA, an industry leader committed to helping its employees grow—because we know our company gets better as our employees advance. Here’s what you will discover:

  • Top of the rung pay and benefits.
  • A professional training program intended to help employees climb the Painters USA Career Ladder.
  • Year round employment. Our crews work indoors and outdoors, in commercial and industrial settings.
  • Respect. Painters USA has partnered with the NCCER, a nationally accredited educational foundation that standardizes CRA training across the construction industry and offers a 4-year Apprenticeship program for Painting.
  • A solid history. We are a privately held suburban company (NOT a franchise) that has served the nation for more than 30 years.
  • A great future. Painters USA’s steady growth and our vision of the future means we are looking for career-oriented individuals like you who want to progress.

But that’s only the beginning.  Your future can be as bright as ours:

  • The Painters USA career ladder provides the training that allows even a novice painter to grow professionally. Your “job” can become a rewarding career!
  • Experienced painters can enhance their futures as well by participating in our Career Ladder training.
  • College not for you? Join our team and have the opportunity to advance to other positions such as Sales, Operations or Management.


APPRENTICE 1: $8.25–$10.00/hr

This is our first entry level painting position. You will learn the basic painting skills required to build a solid foundation for a lasting career. Some certifications you will learn are:

  • Company Safety Program
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Company’s Core Values
  • CPR/First Aid

APPRENTICE 2: $10.00–$13.00/hr

You will continue to develop your painting skills and move up the ladder. Some of the in-house certifications you will learn are:

  • Industrial Prep
  • Painters USA Interior & Exterior Basic Painting
  • Power Tools
  • OSHA 10 hour certification

APPRENTICE 3: $13.00–$15.00/hr

This level is a continuation of skill development and knowledge in the painting trade. Here are some of our certifications you will take:

  • Sprayer Use and Maintenance
  • Industrial Coating Application
  • Floor Epoxy Systems
  • Aerial Li Certification

ASSISTANT FOREMAN: $15.00–$17.00/hr

In this level, you will begin preparation for the next phase of your career as a Foreman along with broadening your painting knowledge and skill. Some of the in-house certifications you will learn are:

  • Job Strategy
  • Crew Management and Leadership
  • Safety Paperwork
  • Sand & Dry Ice Blasting


FOREMAN 1: $18.00–$20.00/hr + Bonus

This level is your first official step in to a management position. Here you will be certified to run jobs and manage crews. Some certifications you will learn are:

  • Customer Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Material Management
  • OSHA 30 hour

FOREMAN 2: $20.00–$22.00/hr + Bonus

As you begin to manage and run jobs, this level continues to broaden and strengthen those skills. Again, you will begin certification on even more specialized skills. Some of our in-house certifications are:

  • Electro-static spraying
  • Crew Management and Leadership Advanced
  • Plural Component Joint Filling

FOREMAN 3: $22.00–$24.00/hr + Bonus

This is your last stop before becoming a Master Foreman. At this point you will have proficiency in almost every area of the painting trade. Here are some of our certifications you will take:

  • Confined Space
  • Pneumatic Sprayers
  • Specialty Staging
  • Advanced Epoxy Training

MASTER FOREMAN: $24.00/hr + Bonus

As you begin to master the painting craft, here are the certifications you will you take:

  • Managing Multiple Jobs
  • Craft Instructor Certification (NCCER)
  • Foreman Mentoring
  • Critical Conversations

† Bonuses are based on a paid-for-performance basis. Bonuses may include production, quality, safety, training, additional work order and referral bonuses.

In-House Training & Certification

Painters USA, Inc. is dedicated to the growth and advancement of its employees through education, on the job training and certification. Partnering with the NCCER and hosting its own in-house certification program allows employees the opportunity to learn and grow as painting professionals. 

NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research)

  • Work on the job, combined with the appropriate formal training, provides numerous career paths for professional growth in this thriving, technical industry. NCCER’s four-level curriculum covers topics such as Basic Surface Preparation, Wood Finishing, and Texturing
  • Classes can count towards college credit with PIMA Community College
  • Offers a 4 year apprenticeship program in Painting
  • Completed classes are transferrable anywhere across the USA
  • Automated National Registry—all trainee records are kept in an online database

In-House Certification Program

  • Ongoing safety training
  • Skill-based training
  • Allowances and bonuses awarded at the completion of each level
  • OSHA 10 & 30 hour certification
  • CPR/First Aid certification


Painters USA has the best benefits in the industry:

  • 401K, a retirement plan that helps employees benefit from our growth
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Paid vacations
  • A bonus program that is rare in today’s job market
  • Paid in-house training and tuition reimbursement for NCCER
  • …and a fantastic career!

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