Passing Food Safety Inspections

Passing Food Safety Inspections

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Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of any food processing or agricultural facility is being able to pass the regular inspections conducted by the many governmental agencies including the USDA, FDA, APHIS, and NASMFID.  Failed inspections can result in major problems ranging from people getting sick to having your plant shut down, displacing hundreds of employees.

Painters USA can help keep your facility on track and passing inspections by utilizing our 40+ years of experience with coatings, flooring, & industrial cleaning.  We work closely with our nationwide network of vendors in choosing the product and/or process that will best suit each individual project within food storage, processing, and packaging plants.  There are literally thousands of products out there to choose from, so why not have the experts at Painters USA help you decide which will be best for your unique situation?

Over the years, we have seen some commonality in maintenance needs that pop up no matter what your plant is producing – and not addressing these needs can possibly lead to a failed inspection. 

Floors – Food processing plant floors are susceptible to bacteria growth & failing due to frequent high pressure, high temperature wash downs.  Our thermal shock resistant floor coatings (urethane cements) hold up against these wash downs. Our combination of proper preparation of floor surfaces & floor coatings ensure a seamless, long-lasting system that can withstand the harshest & wettest environments.

Corrosion control for rusty ceilings – In plants where vegetables are steamed, the ceiling is one of the most affected areas.  The constant moisture & heat can cause ceilings to rust and coatings to fail.  Painters USA’s corrosion/rust control surface preparation & coatings have proven to be very effective in combating & encapsulating rust, stopping failing paint chips from falling into your equipment (and most importantly the food itself).

Tanks, silos, & storage bins – Corrosion on these types of receptacles is very common whether they are inside or outside of your facility.  Between the elements, chemicals, and material being stored, corrosion can become a big problem and contaminate the stored goods resulting in huge financial losses.  Our food safe coating systems can stop rust in its tracks and provide long lasting protection against future corrosion.  Not to mention prolonging the life of those large capital investments!

Wall coatings – Walls can also be a nesting ground for bacteria.  We again take the time to properly prepare wall surfaces and use coatings with anti-bacterial properties.  We commonly use very slick coatings on walls which are hard for bacteria to adhere to.  These coatings also hold up against frequent wash downs.

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