Tank Painting

Storage tanks, bins and silos are produced for an incredible array of purposes, and the key to their longevity is a quality paint job and expert maintenance. Painters USA specializes in recoating and restoring older bulk storage tanks as well as painting new storage tanks and bins. As a certified and experienced industrial painting contractor, we comply with all regulations from the USDA, FDA, NSF and all other applicable codes.

In order for the paint on a storage tank or silo to last, three factors must be in place. Painters USA begins every job with thorough surface preparation, including rust removal, scraping, power washing and/or sand blasting. Second, we choose the right product for each job, so that our paint will endure exposure to harsh weather. Finally, we take care to apply paint properly, using the best techniques and practices to ensure maximum paint performance on your storage bin or tank.  

Our NACE certified coatings inspectors are trained to indentify properly prepared substrates on all tank & silo surfaces in order to maximize coating adhesion. Also, they have the tools to ensure coatings are applied at the correct thickness and will pass rigorous inspections.

Offering a myriad of industrial painting services, Painters USA also prepares, paints and maintains pipelines, water towers, bridges and other metal structures.

very respectful throughout the week. We are very impressed with their work.

—Chemical manufacturing plant manager

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