Anti-Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disinfectant Application

Anti-Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disinfectant Application

Very grateful for squeezing me into your busy schedule. Work got done and looks great.

—Industrial property manager

Specializing in Commercial, Industrial, and Manufacturing Environments


Our cleaning service professionals are trained and equipped with EPA-registered disinfectants that are effective against the Human Coronavirus. Our team promises to provide the highest level of service in your time of need. 

Depending on your needs we have different protocol for different types of areas such as office, warehouse and common areas. In order to best serve your particular needs, we will need a few items from you:

  1. Urgency - How soon do you need the work done?

  2. Types of areas (office, warehouse, common) including sq ft of each area.

  3. Photos of each area (preferably taken from a corner showing the expanse of the area).

  4. Have you had any confirmed cases of Covid 19 in your facility or exposure that you are aware of?

This information will insure we make the best use of your time.  You can contact us at [email protected] - we look forward to hearing from you.


EPA-Registered Disinfectant

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread nationwide, many properties are being treated with an EPA-registered disinfectant that is effective against the Human Coronavirus. Understanding how to apply an EPA-registered disinfectant in accordance with its label is crucial. You can trust our team of professionals who have the training and equipment to use these products.


Project Documentation

At K-Clean USA, we document every project to record the work performed. This inclues photo documentation as well as a written record of personal protective equipment used (PPE), equipment used for the chemical application, the rate at which the disinfectant has been applied, and the evidence of appropriate dwell time. Worker and occupant safety is our number one priority.


Commercial & Industrial Projects

The size of our manpower and ability to plan and assemble multiple crews to complete each job sets us apart. We take pride in building strong relationships with our clients, always making sure jobs are produced on time, on budget, and with 100 percent client satisfaction. 


Affordable Service

We believe in keeping our services affordable so you can feel good about rehiring us in the future whether it be for additional outbreaks, or for our wide range of additional cleaning services we provide.