Health & Safety For Your Employees & Equipment

Health & Safety For Your Employees & Equipment

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When Is The Last Time You Looked Up?

In your day to day production routines, it is very easy to neglect maintenance needs in certain areas of your facility.  We see this most often when dealing with ceilings in manufacturing plants.  So, I have to ask – when is the last time you looked up at your ceilings?

Ceilings accumulate all sorts of debris that can pose serious safety & health risks for your employees.  Dust, fibers. oil, & grease can combine to form a potential fire hazard that can destroy inventory and most importantly – lives.  Also, you won’t know the long-term effects these precarious materials are having on your employees’ health until it is too late – why take that chance?

Painters USA’s industrial cleaning division, K-Clean USA, has the right tools and experience to deal with these hazardous situations safely & effectively.  Explosion proof vacuums combined with proper disposal of unhealthy materials can bring your facility up to the standards your employees deserve.

This accumulated filth also has the potential to harm your machinery.  We have been in plants where there is no less than 20 years of built-up muck in the rafters that ends up falling down from the ceiling & into machinery ruining expensive product & equipment.  Be proactive with your cleaning schedule instead of reactive by utilizing one of our maintenance plans where we come in at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly, yearly) and keep your employees & equipment safe from potentially damaging situations.

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Painters USA’s Locations

Our 4 locations allow us to travel nationwide for large commercial & industrial painting, flooring, & industrial cleaning projects. They also serve the immediate areas around them.

Chicago Region – Our headquarters are in the Chicago suburb of Glendale Heights. IL and serves the entire Chicago, northern Indiana, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, & Detroit areas. This office also handles most of our nationwide projects.

Texas Region – We have 2 locations in Texas serving the entire southern United States:

  •   Dallas, TX covers the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, as well as the cities of Waco, Austin, San Antonio, and Wichita Falls in Texas. They also handle the surrounding states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, and Colorado.
  •   Houston, TX covers the eastern part of the state including the cities of Galveston, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, and College Station. This location also travels to Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Central Illinois Region - Our concrete division, Redimere Surface Solutions, is located in Danville, IL (outside of Champaign, IL.  Like our other locations, this one also performs painting, flooring, & industrial cleaning services in areas like Peoria, Bloomington, St. Louis, Lafayette, Terre Haute, & Indianapolis.

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