Heavy Industrial

At Painters USA, we try to focus on all services for our industrial clients. When it comes to the heavy duty industrial services, we concentrate on obtaining a full knowledge of each division, along with proper training for our technicians performing the work. The main services that heavy duty work consists of involves many varieties of Urethane Cement resurfacing, Tank Linings, and Wall Finishing, Rust Encapsulation, and all forms of Containment Systems. These are some of the most important services to take notice to when meeting federal and government standards; including USDA standards, OSHA standards, AIB standards, and GFA - IL, WI, IA.



Why are these categories important?

There are a number of reasons, especially when it comes to meeting safety standards and overall sufficient products being produced. Not taking care of these environments often results in bacteria growth, process contamination, thermal shock, and even unsafe work environments that may result in injuries. Non-Compliance with local, state or federal agencies can lead to unexpected shutdowns, or immediate repairs that do not fall within the budget planning.

At this point, it may turn into a number of frustrating situations causing upsetting scenarios for the business. Often, when these situations need immediate action, it results in production downtime, leading to lost profits and a poor company image. Higher expenses will also serve as an outcome with machine and equipment failure. Another issue, which hopefully never occurs, would be medical and legal claims, or fines and maintenance costs.

Very grateful for squeezing me into your busy schedule. Work got done and looks great.

—Industrial property manager

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