Pipe Coatings

Pipe Coatings

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Painters USA’s industrial painting services can cover all areas of your plant – and piping is no exception.  We team up with our industrial coatings suppliers to recommend optimal solutions when it comes time to paint your pipes, valves, joints, pumps, & pipe racking. 

Having a protective barrier on your piping & other steel components can have several benefits:

  • Thermal insulative – keeps the heat or cold inside the pipe saving energy & money
  • Heat reflective – keeps the contents of your piping cool by keeping the heat out
  • Corrosion/rust control – protects your exterior piping from moisture & rust

Painters USA also offers OSHA color coding to identify the different materials running through the piping in your facility.  OSHA has assigned the following colors to specific fluids and gases that your pipes may contain:

YELLOW – Flammable fluids & gases

RED – Fire-quenching fluids (sprinkler lines)

ORANGE – Toxic or corrosive fluids & gases

GREEN – All water

BLUE – All air

BROWN – Combustible fluids & gases

All other colors can be defined by each individual company based on their needs & which materials they use in their processes.

Another pipe coating service Painters USA provides is directional stenciling – we can paint on descriptions and arrows showing which direction materials are flowing in a given pipe.  This is extremely useful when pipes are leading to and from tank farms, and keeps your employees safer by identifying where they should be hooking up to.

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Painters USA’s Locations

Our 4 locations allow us to travel nationwide for large commercial & industrial painting, flooring, & industrial cleaning projects. They also serve the immediate areas around them.

Dallas, TX – Our Dallas office serves the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, as well as the cities of Waco, Austin, San Antonio, and Wichita Falls in Texas. It also handles the surrounding states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, and Colorado. Learn more about industrial, commercial, and ag painting, cleaning, and flooring services from our Dallas, TX office here...

Houston, TX – Our Houston office serves the eastern part of the state including the cities of Galveston, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, and College Station. This location also travels to Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia. Learn more about industrial, commercial, and ag painting, cleaning, and flooring services from our Houston, TX office here...

Chicago Region – Our headquarters are in the Chicago suburb of Glendale Heights. IL and serves the entire Chicago, northern Indiana, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, & Detroit areas. This office also handles most of our nationwide projects. Learn more about industrial, commercial, and ag painting, cleaning, and flooring services from our Chicago office here...

Central Illinois Region – Our concrete division, Redimere Surface Solutions, is located in Danville, IL (outside of Champaign, IL. Like our other locations, this one also performs painting, flooring, & industrial cleaning services in areas like Peoria, Bloomington, St. Louis, Lafayette, Terre Haute, & Indianapolis. Visit Redimere's industrial flooring office here...

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