Structural Steel Painting

Structural Steel Painting

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Whether you have steel structures inside or outside your facility, the Painters USA team of coatings professionals can protect them from all kinds of potential damaging situations.  Whether your structural steel is outside in the elements year-round or they are inside in a caustic chemical environment, we have a coatings process guaranteed to hold up.  Lengthening the lifespan of your steel components ensures you are getting the most out of your large capital investments.

Structural steel can range from pipe racking to support beams for large equipment to steel staircases & catwalks.  Our process typically includes a high pressure power wash (6000 psi), followed by 2 coats of a moisture cured urethane (to cover pin holes in the first coat), and a protective top coat.  Painters USA can provide warranties up to 10 years against coating failure, depending on which system you choose for us to apply.

While exposed steel and bar joist ceilings have been the norm for industrial warehouses for a long time, the past few years have seen an increase in their popularity in every type of space - from coffee shops to retail stores and even to some office spaces. Exposed ceilings provide a clean and streamlined appearance while creating a more expansive atmosphere for your employees and patrons.

Whether you are in need of an update or are thinking about reinventing your space to reveal those bar joists for a fresh look, there are a number of benefits to hiring a professional painting contractor to paint your exposed ceiling:

When paired with appropriate lighting, painting exposed steel can brighten up your entire work environment. This can be especially important if your exposed bar joists are above a darker space. A lighter space not only improves positivity and attitude, it can drastically increase employee safety, save energy and reduce electricity bills.

Using a protective coating like epoxy paint on your exposed steel can be a major factor in corrosion prevention. If your facility is exposed to moisture (like with a swimming pool) or harsh materials (like with a chemical plant), protective paint can keep your structure well-maintained and looking great for much longer.

Painters USA’s vast experience in industrial painting has taken us to some very interesting, tricky, and seemingly difficult projects.  But once we get some eyes on a project, our team gets to work figuring out all aspects of a job – safety requirements, logistics, scheduling, product selection & delivery – before finally getting to actually start cleaning & painting your surfaces.  In other words, we meticulously plan each project so we aren’t surprised by anything that may come up to hinder our production.  We have been refining our process for over 40 years because we know that no two projects are exactly alike & each one needs to be handled with special care.

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