3 Reasons Rust and Corrosion Must Be Removed from Your Food Production Facility

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Corrosion/ Rust Control Corrosion/ Rust Control

Food production – it’s been part of human history since we first stepped out onto the African savannah. It has evolved over time. We’ve gone from primitive hunter-gatherers to individual farmers to today’s mega-farms and industrial food processing plants. While that evolution has allowed us to enjoy wider access to affordable, high-quality food than ever before, it has also ushered in unique concerns, particularly when it comes to food production equipment.

Most foods today have some impact on the equipment on which they are processed. Even non-corrosive foods like milk and meat can contain syrups or other additives that change their corrosivity. This can lead to the formation of rust and corrosion on your equipment, which must be removed immediately. Why should you be concerned, particularly if that rust and corrosion is out of sight? Here are three important reasons to consider industrial cleaning companies for your food production facility.

Preventing Bacterial Growth

Perhaps the single most important reason to remove rust and corrosion from your food production facility is this: bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments, which also help rust and corrosion form. There is also the fact that sanitation cannot be accomplished unless your equipment is clean. Even a small amount of corrosion can harbor millions of potentially harmful pathogens, which can easily make their way into the food you are processing. Consider the fact that the World Health Organization explains that unsafe food can lead to more than 200 different diseases and negative health impacts.

Preventing Food Contamination

Another important reason to remove rust and corrosion from your food production plant is to help avoid the prospect of metal flakes and debris contaminating the food being processed. While it might not pose the same sort of threat as microbial contamination, flakes of metallic rust can cause injury and illness to your customers. Corrosion coming into contact with the food processed in your plant could change the properties of the finished product, leading to faster spoilage, adulterations in texture or flavor, and other considerations that reduce food quality and lead to consumer complaints or even injuries and illness.

Preventing Damage to Your Equipment

If you need another reason, consider the fact that billions of dollars are spent every year on equipment cleaning and repairs because food manufacturers failed to maintain their processing equipment properly. Can your business afford to take such a hit? By removing rust and corrosion regularly, and practicing proper processing equipment maintenance based on a proactive strategy, you can extend the lifespan of your equipment, maximize your return on investment, and avoid high costs related to emergency pressure cleaning services.

Fostering a Healthier Industry

Ultimately, removing rust and corrosion from within your food production facility is not just a good idea, but a best practice for the food industry as a whole. It is inextricably linked to improving food safety for human beings and animals around the world, and helps to create a healthier food industry as a whole.

In addition to regular cleaning, painting and surface sealing, it is important that you choose the right equipment and structural materials for your food production facility. Stainless steel is the industry standard when it comes to food contact surfaces, due to its ability to withstand exposure to corrosive foods, and high-pressure water and solvents.

However, you also need to pay attention to support beams and other structural elements made from metal, and that could allow rust and corrosion to form and then come into contact with food bring produced. Structural elements such as girders, ribs, supports, catwalks and the like should be maintained constantly, including commercial painting with paint specially formulated for use in the food production environment.

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