4 Reasons Why Industrial Cleaning Needs To be Part of Your Facility Maintenance Strategy

Friday, October 19, 2018

As we step into the chillier seasons, many of our nationwide painting and flooring clients are naturally turning their attention from exterior maintenance to interior. This is a perfect opportunity to refresh, update, and upgrade your surfaces, whether you’re dragging your office out of the early 2000s or installing a cutting-edge floor system in your manufacturing plant.

While painting and flooring are certainly two of our most popular interior maintenance services, we’d like to remind you of a third. This particular branch of our Painters USA family is just as essential as the others, even though it can be a bit easier to overlook.

Industrial Cleaning Services: Don’t Miss Out on a Crucial Opportunity!

Industrial cleaning isn’t just cleanliness for cleanliness’ sake, as important as that can be. There are a few other key reasons why this particular aspect of your maintenance strategy should be taken just as seriously as fresh paint, coatings, or floor systems.

  1. Safety! A clean facility is a healthier, safer facility. From controlling and minimizing airborne dust and debris to reducing slip-and-fall events, statistics constantly remind us that cleanliness = safety.
  2. Reduced maintenance costs! Dirty equipment and machinery doesn’t run as well or efficiently in the long-run, and a buildup of debris can hide signs of leaking or damage. This not only can pose yet another safety risk, but also can make maintenance more difficult and increase the need for more expensive repairs and replacements.
  3. Increased efficiency! Most facility owners and managers don’t equate cleanliness with efficiency, but it’s true. As a prime example, a filthy ceiling deck absorbs light, while a bright, clean overhead surface maximizes light and reduces overall energy costs.
  4. Compliance with regulations and standards! Especially if you work in the food processing industry, clean work environments are essential. Our team is extremely familiar with the regulations and guidelines you must adhere to, and can help you maintain necessary standards.

What Are Our Most Popular Industrial Cleaning Services?

Here’s a look at just a few, but we encourage you to visit our K-Clean USA service pages for a full view of what we offer:

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