5 Benefits of Epoxy Coatings

Monday, March 17, 2014

Benefits of Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy is a unique material; very tough and versatile. It has served purposes ranging from concrete floor paint to steel pipeline coatings to space capsule heat shields. It is a popular coating for a variety of commercial and industrial painting jobs because of its many benefits, including:

  • Durability - When epoxy cures, it becomes very solid and hard. Epoxy paint has such high durability that it is often used as a concrete floor paint to be driven over by forklifts and heavy machinery, while still lasting for years of such use. Not too many coatings could take such a beating for even a few days.
  • Cleanliness - Because it is hard, epoxy is also easy to clean. Much like glass, it is smooth enough that most materials will come off easily, and it is stain resistant since nothing can really soak in. In nearly any setting it is important to be able to clean surfaces easily and thoroughly, and epoxy is about as cleanable as it gets, whether the mess is from grease in a Texas oil refinery or eggs on a grocery store floor.
  • Chemical Resistance - If that mess includes harsh chemicals, epoxy again is an ideal coating for the job. From floors susceptible to intermittent chemical contact to the inside of jet fuel tanks, certain epoxy coatings are ideal for industrial painting because they are designed to maintain integrity in harsh chemical environments.
  • Temperature Resistance - Just as epoxy is tough enough for chemical resistance, it also can stand up to more heat and more cold than most paints. Painters USA painters often apply epoxy floor coatings around hot machinery or fluids, for example.
  • Non-toxic - Epoxy is an environmentally friendly choice. Because it has such high integrity once cured, it will not erode or dissolve into its environment, such as by fumes in the air or trace amounts in water. So it is essentially non-toxic. Furthermore, it needs recoating less often, and requires less cleaning agent to clean, reducing the amount of chemicals used  overall.

If you think the benefits of epoxy paint might be what your facility needs, Painters USA is an excellent resource. Painters USA painters offer quality epoxy floor coatings for commercial or industrial uses in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and nationwide. For more information, you can get an estimate or contact us by calling (817) 962-0551 or (214) 521-3100.