5 Colors to Create a Calm Place to Worship

Monday, September 16, 2019

A room’s layout, decoration, and color scheme can greatly affect how we feel when we’re inside. This is part of the reason why choosing paint colors is such a crucial consideration for commercial painting projects. When it comes to painting the inside of religious buildings, you must consider which colors are conducive to a place of worship. At Painters USA, we have plenty of experience painting churches, synagogues, mosques, and other religious or communal centers. Let’s go over five colors that help create a calm place to worship.

1. White

White is often used in places of worship for a number of reasons. First, in the presence of natural light, it brightens the room and makes it appear larger and more open. In addition, white allows our eyes to rest, as opposed to bright, saturated colors that can affect our heart rate and cause irritation. White also allows other objects to stand out. If your place of worship features symbols and important items, a white backdrop can help emphasize the importance of these things and help create a more meditative atmosphere.

2. Purple

Various shades of purple have also been shown to have a calming effect, especially on the lighter end of the spectrum. Lavender and other purple hues might not be the most common commercial painting choice for houses of worship, but they undoubtedly offer comfort, tranquility, and just the right amount of energy to the congregation.

3. Beige

Shades of tan and brown are commonly employed by commercial painting contractors. Beige is inoffensive, subtle, light, and bare like white but with a bit more personality. Most pews are also a shade of beige or brown, so it’s a natural fit for the overall aesthetic.

4. Dark Green

For many people, maintaining focus is a big part of prayer and meditation. Green is often touted as a color that encourages focus, whether for study, work, or, in this case, worship. This may have something to do with our connection to nature, which often expresses itself in green shades. Whatever the case, neutral and darker greens can calm us down and help us focus on the task at hand. If you’re unsure which shade is best, consult your commercial painting services.

5. Grey

Grey might not be the most exciting color to use in any situation, but it certainly has a calming effect. And because it’s a mixture of black and white, it may be seen to symbolize the ambiguity of faith and the challenges of human existence. In other words, grey might help inspire deep worship and contemplation, ridding the room of distractions and other concerns.

No matter your religious affiliation, if prayer plays a role in your life, you know that atmosphere can be an important part of worship, whether at home or with your congregation. And in this effort, maintaining your building matters, too. 

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