5 Reasons Why Floor Scrubbing Is Important

Monday, November 11, 2019

 5 reasons why floor scrubbing is important
5 reasons why floor scrubbing is important

Dirty floors make a poor impression on clients, customers, vendors, and other visitors to your commercial space or industrial facility. 

Regular floor scrubbing isn’t just good for your flooring system, it’s good for business, too. Our customers see numerous benefits after scheduling floor scrubbing services for their industrial and commercial flooring.  



Contamination is far more than an inconvenience. It can threaten the integrity of your products, the safety of your customers, and the livelihood of your employees and staff.

Flooring is notorious for spreading contamination, since movement of people, equipment, and product in and out of your office or industrial site can track dirt, contaminants, contagions, and germs.

The more frequent and thorough your floor scrubbing regimen, the less likely your flooring is to compromise health and safety in your workplace.



If your industry is subject to compliance standards from the Food and Drug Administration, your local health inspector, or any other regulatory entity, full compliance means a regularly cleaned facility.

Scheduling floor scrubbing throughout the year, especially ahead of key reviews and inspections, means you’re much more likely to stay in compliance and in operation.



No one likes the look of smudged or grimy flooring. A clean floor is essential to maintaining an impressive appearance throughout your facility or office space.

A commitment to good aesthetics that includes your flooring also improves your reputation, which can only help your brand credibility and improve your customers’ trust.



Because clean flooring reduces the risk of health and safety violations, minimizes the spread of illness or germs, and maintains the integrity of your production, it’s also key to keeping your liability at a minimum.

Keeping your flooring scrubbed means you’re doing your due diligence and investing in the overall integrity of your business. It also reduces the risk of costly litigation and related expenses, which is better for your bottom line.



The more regularly and correctly industrial or commercial flooring is scrubbed, the less likely that your flooring itself will be damaged and degraded by moisture, corrosion, or other environmental damage.

Attentive, proactive cleaning could make a significant difference in how long your flooring lasts.

The benefits of regular floor scrubbing make avoiding cleaning a costly mistake. But it’s difficult to maintain the high standards you want while focusing on the necessities of running your business.

Like other industrial cleaning services, hiring professionals to provide floor scrubbing services is a smart choice. K-Clean teams can clean your flooring regularly without stopping work or interrupting production. 

We pride ourselves on thorough, efficient cleaning services. Our in-depth knowledge of floor coatings and materials means we use the best solutions and equipment to keep your flooring looking like new for longer.

K-Clean USA is a service of Painters USA. We’re dedicated to keeping your commercial space or industrial facility clean from top to bottom. Along with your flooring, we can work with you to clean your walls, ceilings, and manufacturing equipment.

Don’t risk health and safety violations or dissatisfied customers. Call us today for a commercial or industrial floor scrubbing  estimate.