5 Tips for Preventing Rust in Your Texas Manufacturing Facility

Friday, September 07, 2018

Preventing Rust in Your Manufacturing Facility

To keep your Texas manufacturing facility on track for a long and successful run, you need to keep rust at bay. Machinery made from metal is always going to be at risk for rust problems, so being proactive and fighting back against rust before it causes serious damage is a smart move. This is particularly important for facilities located along the coast, as saltwater and steel are a bad combination. With this article, we’d like to present five simple tips to keep in mind while fighting the rust battle.

#1 – Stay Dry!

This is pretty much the name of the game when trying to stay away from rust. If you allow your metal to get wet, it will be at risk for rust. It’s just that simple. More specifically, long term exposure to water is likely to cause serious problems, so make sure you have systems in place to prevent your metal surfaces from staying wet for long periods of time. Part of this issue can be handled by the design of your facility, but it also comes down to how you manage your operations on a day to day basis.

#2 – Consider Protection

Even if you do a good job of keeping water away from your metal surfaces for the most part, you may still run into rust issues at some point. To improve your odds of success, think about using a protective coating to keep the metal safe. Industrial paint coatings designed to keep rust away are a great choice and can usually be put in place by an industrial services company such as Painters USA. Finding the right coating for your application may be as easy as working with an industrial painting contractors company.

#3 – Pick the Right Alloy

While all steels are vulnerable to rust on some level, certain alloys are better able to ward off rust in challenging conditions. By thinking ahead and knowing what conditions are going to be present in your manufacturing facility, you can lower the chances of rust formation. Even if rust does form, it will hopefully be to a lesser degree than if another type of metal was selected.

#4 – Ongoing Maintenance

Rust is a problem that gets worse the longer it goes unchecked. If you do notice some early rust formation in parts of your facility, the problem needs to be addressed right away and will only become more expensive to solve down the line. Be proactive with a rust management strategy in order to avoid having a major mess on your hands.

#5 – Proper Design

This is another tip which goes back to the original construction of your facility. You may not be able to do anything about this piece of the puzzle if your facility is already up and running, although modifications may be possible if problems with rust are becoming standard. The design of a manufacturing facility can go a long way toward preventing rust by making sure that water is not allowed to regularly come in contact with metal components.

If you would like help with rust protection, contact the team at Painters USA right away. We are industrial painting contractors with experience dealing with rust, and we’ll be happy to serve you from our Dallas or Houston office. Contact us today for more information on our commercial industrial painting services!