6 Improvements to Plan for Your Industrial Floor

Monday, February 24, 2020

At the foundation of every functional industrial space is a durable floor. Maintaining these floors is necessary for ensuring worker safety and maximizing productivity. Whether you’ve just moved to a new space, plan on expanding in your existing location, or simply want to fortify your floors, here are 6 improvements you can make to your industrial flooring.

1. Resurfacing

Concrete floors are built to take a beating, but they won’t last forever if left bare. Over time, impact, weight and activity will wear down the concrete’s surface, resulting in cracking, chipping, sloping, etc. This damage can quickly accelerate and become a safety hazard for everyone in the building. Concrete resurfacing is one way to protect your floors from harm, increase stability, and improve appearance. During this process, cracks and divots are dug up, cleaned out, filled, and resurfaced with a material such as epoxy or urethane cement.

2. Coating

Coating your floors is similar to resurfacing them, though this process generally covers your entire floor, rather than a few areas that need attention. You may coat your floors using different methods and materials, such as epoxy systems/cove base or urethane cement systems. Professional coating services can help you decide which option is best for your specific floor.

3. Polishing/Power Trowel

Polishing your floors via power trowel is a strong alternative to coating or resurfacing them. This process grinds and smooths your concrete floors before applying a densifier to seal the surface and provide shine and friction. A polished concrete floor is extremely durable, resistant to moisture, dust, and stains, easy to clean, highly visible and aesthetically appealing.

4. Cleaning/Scrubbing

Even if your floors are currently in good shape, cleaning them will help keep them that way. In addition to daily sweeping, mopping and/or scrubbing, it’s important to invest in floor cleaning services to provide a more thorough clean as well. Proper cleaning makes for a safer, healthier work environment and longer-lasting, better-looking floors.

5. Marking/Striping

Speaking of safety, your industrial floors should be well-marked, too. Marking and striping your floors creates helpful visual cues that indicate where equipment and items should go and places personnel should avoid unless properly equipped. If these lines begin to fade or get covered up by dirt and grime it can lead to injury and costly logistical problems, so cleaning your floors and refreshing these markings regularly is crucial.

6. Staining

Taking care of your floors isn’t just a matter of safety and efficiency. It’s also about looks. Workers perform better and guests feel more welcome in a bright, vibrant environment. Staining your concrete floors allows you to transform your otherwise dull and gray floors into visually stunning, colorful features. Best of all, concrete stains are also protective, so you can enhance your floor’s appearance and durability at the same time.

Your concrete industrial floors work hard for your business. If you want them to keep working hard, you must put in the effort to properly maintain them. At Painters USA, we offer each of the floor improvement services outlined above and more. If your industrial floors need attention, protection, or just a new look, our team can get the job done. To learn more about us and our many services, contact Painters USA today at 1-800-999-8715.