Add a Splash of Color to Your Offices This Fall

Friday, October 13, 2017

It’s pretty easy to think of painting as strictly a maintenance item. When it’s damaged or worn, it gets touched up. If it’s dated, it gets updated.

We appreciate that, and we know first-hand how critical of a component interior and exterior painting is in your facility maintenance strategy.

What can sometimes be missed, however, is just how much fresh, well-chosen color can offer and do for your office environment. Beyond just touching up a high-traffic surface, interior paint can bring real joy, style, and energy to your spaces this fall and winter.

Fighting the Winter Blues in Your Office

The seasons impact us all differently, and for some winter can truly be a dark time of year.

Fresh, warm, bright paint has been shown to help offset the winter-time office slump. After all, the best way to combat the monochromatic coldness is to inject a more energetic palette. Here at Painters USA, we can help you put together the perfect, stylish plan, creating a new look that will keep your team feeling good and impress clients who walk through the door.

And remember, because paint should be seen and not smelled, we use specialized low and zero-VOC paint that won’t impact your daily operations. We also are happy to work nights, weekends, holidays, or during scheduled shutdowns.

How Else Can We Serve Your Office Space This Fall and Winter?

If you’d like to think bigger than paint alone, here are a few other popular services to consider:

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