Are You Making the Most of Unexpected Downtime?

Friday, March 27, 2020

interior maintenance painting painting services during shutdown

The COVID-19 outbreak has posed difficulties for all of us, impacting just about every industry. Unexpected shutdowns and closed facilities, from manufacturing plants to universities, have disrupted schedules and routines across the board. 

Here at Painters USA, we want to remind you of one silver lining behind this cloud. 

Unexpected shutdowns can be turned into unexpected opportunities for maintaining and improving your facility, avoiding interruptions during those times when it’s crucial to be at full capacity. 

Here are a few key ideas to keep in mind.

Office Painting and Maintenance

office painting services

While we always offer flexible, off-hours painting services, we know that a temporarily closed office space is ideal for touch-ups and repaints. Now is your time to refresh hallways, common areas, and other high-traffic surfaces.

Ceiling Deck Clean and Painting

In your industrial facility, a dirty ceiling deck can create a dark, unhealthy environment. Cleaning and painting requires extensive prep and project containment, making a shutdown just the right time for your project. 

Here’s an example! We used dry ice blasting techniques to clean the surface in this Illinois food production area, then painted the ceiling deck. 

Floor Coating Systems

Have you been considering a new floor coating, or maybe upgrading your current system? How about refreshing line striping and bin markers? Now is certainly the time for it, ensuring that your property is ready to be back in action as soon as you receive the all-clear. 

Springtime Is Also Exterior Painting Time

Here at Painters USA, we’re taking every precaution to work safely (take a closer look at our preventive measures here). We are fully available to meet your painting needs, inside or out, following all recommended health and safety guidelines. 

While life doesn’t feel quite “normal,” we are sticking to our spring schedule focusing on clients’ exterior maintenance projects as well. If you have any painting or coating needs, please reach out - we’d love to discuss them with you.