Brewery Painting: Why Cleaning and Prepping are Great First Steps

Friday, May 24, 2019

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 brewery flooring and painting

What goes into a successful brewery painting or flooring project?

Definitely knowledge, experience, the right equipment, and an understanding of the best products to use for maximum performance. No doubt.

But before that, the success of your project hinges on preparation. In fact, prep accounts for about 80% of the quality of your finished product. It’s a big deal! Before you contract your project to a painting or flooring professional, it’s essential that they can explain in detail how they will prepare your surfaces, and why.

How Do You Prepare a Brewery Floor?

In a recent article we explained why urethane cement is our first choice for brewery floors. If you missed it, be sure to click over and check it out here.

As a quick recap, here’s our floor preparation process:

  • First, we use our diamond grinders to open the pores in your floor’s surface. This helps guarantee ultra-secure adhesion.
  • If needed, we’ll apply a polyurea joint filler to any cracks.
  • Next, we trowel down the urethane cement coating.
  • We can then add a non-slip aggregate broadcast for extra traction and safety (perfect for breweries!)
  • Lastly, the surface is sealed.

The first two steps are dedicated to making sure the surface is solid and receptive, guaranteeing successful adhesion. In turn, this guarantees durability. If you build on a faulty foundation, the system is compromised before it’s even applied.

Our Paint Preparation Process

Our approach is unique to the surface that we’re painting or coating, so our first step is really analysis. Our certified team will consider your environmental and performance-related needs, helping to put together a specific system that will work for you.

Not just look good for a while, but really work.

Similar to floor preparation, we also thoroughly clean your surfaces, repair as needed, and prime. We also specialize in project containment, encapsulating our work space so as to minimally impact your operations and schedule.

Set Your Brewery Up for Success!

You will be paid back over and over again in long term value if you invest in a quality painting and flooring professional. There’s just no margin for error, especially in a brewery environment where aesthetics and performance need to go hand-in-hand.

If you have a question, contact us at Painters USA! We’re always ready to talk shop.