Car Dealership Service Area Cleaning and Painting

Thursday, February 06, 2020

Commercial and industrial painting always calls for quick, flexible services. After all, we aren’t painting spaces that can be easily shut down or closed.

Car dealerships are a perfect example, like this one we recently serviced. It was time to restore that fresh, new car (or new dealership?) smell, and our team was happy to help.

Flexible Painting Services for a Busy Car Dealership

This busy service area is the epitome of a high-traffic space. Our approach involved a carefully-planned weekend painting project with a rapid return to service. 

We also wanted to brighten the space for a more pleasant, inviting customer experience, make the environment safer for employees, and color match to the dealer’s exterior and showroom colors. 

Speaking of exterior colors, we actually painted those last summer (and their light poles). Our client was so happy with their experience that they invited us back to finish the interior for them as well. 

Our Commercial Cleaning and Painting Process

Here’s a look at our work:

  • First, we covered all of the equipment and tools in our work area, protecting them completely.
  • We then cleaned the walls with grease and an oil degreaser, helping to prep the surface and remove any heavy dirt.
  • We brushed and wiped down the ducts and joists.
  • Next, we blew down the ceiling with high pressure air to remove dirt, dust, and cobwebs.
  • The ceiling was sprayed with Dryfall white (easy to contain!).
  • We painted the walls with Benjamín Moore Ultra Spec Semi-Gloss, matching the existing  colors, as we mentioned above.

Last but not least, we performed a final cleanup so that the service area was ready for action Monday morning. Be sure to click through the photos above for a closer look at the finished surfaces.

Let’s Discuss Your Commercial Cleaning and Painting Needs

We’re here to make the process simple, and can do just that with our flexible scheduling, large workforce, and deep industry experience. Contact us today to get started!