Ceiling, Wall, and Column Painting for a Manufacturing Plant in Wisconsin

Friday, April 06, 2018

We do our very best to offer our clients numerous unique benefits, putting our expertise, experience, industry insight, connections, and knowledge to work at every job site.

One of the greatest benefits that we can extend, however, is simply our size.

After all, with great size comes great capability, allowing us to accomplish large-scale projects inside of a minimal timeframe. And, this means that we also can help protect our clients’ (your!) operations, budget, and timeline demands.

We primarily achieve this by sending multiple crews to the same jobsite; crews who are well-versed in communication, coordination, and our standard procedures. This means extreme efficiency from dedicated, trained crew members who know how to work with each other.

As a perfect example, join us for a closer look at this ceiling painting project in Wisconsin.

Transforming a Dark Industrial Ceiling in a Short Amount of Time

Dark, dirty industrial surfaces can create workplace hazards and decrease your energy efficiency. Because of this, a global manufacturer of outboard motors invited us to their Wisconsin facility, contracting us to clean, paint, and radically transform their ceiling and walls.

Utilizing multiple crews and close attention to detail, we worked through the weekend and completed their project on time, on budget, and with zero interruption to their workflow.

What did our process include?

  • First, we hung plastic around the work area to totally contain the space
  • We then covered equipment, floors, and inventory within the work area
  • Blew down the ceiling with high pressure air, removing any dust or contaminants that would inhibit secure paint adhesion
  • Next, we wiped down any grease and oil residue from the ceiling
  • We sprayed the ceiling with PPG Epoxy Ester White Dry Fall
  • We color-coded and painted all the pipes with 2 coats of Sherwin-Williams’ Industrial Enamel, using appropriate safety colors
  • We also painted the columns and walls with 2 coats of industrial enamel and Promar 200 (semi-gloss) - blue on the bottom and white on the top
  • As a final cleanup, we removed all of our plastic and dusted the floors

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