Cleaning and Coating Industrial Tanks in Houston

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

While applying fresh paint and coatings should always be considered a crucial part of your exterior maintenance strategy, the process takes on a whole new level of importance when it comes to preserving storage tanks. These protective barriers not only contribute to an attractive, updated aesthetic, but they also provide the first line of defense against damage and corrosion that ultimately put your investments at risk.

To make this process just as successful as possible, three components need to be in place:

  • The right prep
  • The right products
  • The right application

As a case in point, let’s take a closer look at this tank transformation we recently completed in Houston.

Remediating Chalking Industrial Paint

As paint ages and weathers, the binder can break down, leaving a chalky, powdery, white residue on the surface. This is a sure sign that your paint needs attention!

In addition to chalking, these tanks also had a soluble salt presence.

Following our formula for success outlined above, we completed these steps:

  • We began by cleaning the tanks with chlorowash to remove the residue
  • We then completed the prep to SSPC-sp1 standards, using solvents to ensure a totally clean, paint-ready surface
  • Next, we progressed to SSPC-sp3 standards, power tooling any other loose, foreign materials from the tanks
  • Primed with Macropoxy 646 protective, fast-cure epoxy
  • Finally, we applied a finish coat of Acrolon (ultra high-gloss)

The result is a totally refreshed and protected surface that we know is going to stand up well to our client’s environmental conditions. And, the photos above certainly demonstrate the aesthetic improvement as well!

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