Concrete Floor Repair and Urethane Cement with a Chemical-Resistant Coating in Illinois

Friday, February 23, 2018

In our line of work, we encounter extreme surface damage.

Floors especially have a tough, tough life in industrial environments. They are where the rubber literally meets the road, along with a healthy dose of impact, abrasion, traffic, spills, industrial-grade cleaning, thermal shock, chemical exposure, and more.

What makes our job so unique and challenging is that we have the opportunity to step in, snatch these surfaces back from the brink of disaster, and create practical solutions for our clients.

In this case, our client was a global producer of oils and fats for the food industry. The concrete floor in a certain area of their plant had badly deteriorated, but we knew we could resurrect it.

Concrete Floor Repair

While in some cases pouring a new slab is unavoidable, we never make assumptions. Each project requires fresh eyes, fresh perspective, and a willingness to explore every avenue for remediation.

After a close examination and collaboration with our industrial coatings vendor, we were able to confidently offer concrete repair as a cost-effective alternative to replacement.

The process included:

  • First, we sawcut the edges to make a clean patch possible
  • We then chipped out loose epoxy and concrete
  • Next, we cleaned and ground the floor
  • Then we filled the floor with urethane cement until it was level with the healthy, surrounding substrate
  • Finally, we applied a top coat of chemical-resistant coating

Savings and solutions: we love it when a flooring repair project all comes together.

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