Concrete Polishing in a Chicago Manufacturing Facility & Warehouse

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

One of our most in-demand services right now, without a doubt, is concrete polishing. From industrial sectors to fashionable retail spaces, this floor treatment is capturing the attention of property owners and managers who are looking for a durable, low-maintenance solution.

Concrete polishing is also an attractive option because of the speed at which it allows you to resume your operations - no unscheduled shutdowns or disruptions necessary. This is primarily possible because there are no coatings that need to cure, or that are difficult and time-consuming to apply. And, consequently, there are no coatings that will eventually fail, either.

Cleaning and routine maintenance is all that’s needed to ensure an attractive, low-maintenance, durable concrete floor solution that has timeless appeal and style. And, never fear! That surface may look slick and shiny, but it actually has an increased level of traction. You can have your cake and polish too!

The Concrete Polishing Process in Chicago

Concrete polishing was a natural fit for both the manufacturing facility and warehouse we recently served in Chicago. As you can see in the set of before/after photos above, the process started with careful containment and prep.

Once the spaces and concrete surfaces were ready, we followed an incremental progression of grits, creating that progressively higher polish throughout the process.

  • 30-40 grit metal bond diamonds
  • 60-80 grit metal bond diamonds
  • 120-150 grit metal bond diamonds
  • 100 grit ceramic bonded diamonds
  • 400 grit resin bonded diamonds
  • 800 grit resin bonded diamonds
  • Apply one coat of Densifier
  • 1500 grit resin bonded diamonds
  • One coat of Prosoco Polish Guard
  • High heat burnish

Again, don’t be fooled! This might sound like lengthy process, but it’s really not for our highly-trained, coordinated, and equipped team. In fact, with our power trowel concrete polishing method, we can cover an incredible amount of ground (up to 10,000 sq ft) in a single day!

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