Confined Space Cleaning of Bins at a Pet Food Manufacturing Plant in Southern Illinois

Friday, December 30, 2016

One of the things we take great pride in here at Painters USA is the fact that we offer such a wide variety of services. We know that you, as a property owner or manager, want to keep your industrial and commercial maintenance as simple as possible, and having fewer numbers to call is an ideal way to do just that.

As a case in point, join us for a quick look at a recent industrial cleaning project we completed for a high-grade dog food manufacturer here in southern Illinois.

Fair warning: if tight spaces aren’t in your comfort zone, this overview might not be your favorite.

Going to Great Lengths (and Depths!) for Industrial Cleaning Success

Just like painting, every industrial cleaning project is unique and calls for specialized equipment, tools, and training. And, in this case, because of the nature of the work and environment, we also needed confined space permits.

Our client contracted us to clean four alfalfa storage bins, each measuring 5’x5’ in width and 60’ deep. In other words, these bins created a cluster of vertical tunnels that shared an auger at the bottom.

Because the products manufactured there are food-grade, all brooms and scrapers had to be completely free of solvents and wood, made of either metal or plastic, and thoroughly sanitized before use. With clean equipment in hand, our team was lowered through a manhole cover at the top of the bin cluster. They then brushed and scraped the collected materials off the inside of the bins, working their way down carefully and slowly. As an added element to consider, the weather never exceeded 25℉.

Safety Measures Taken During This Industrial Painting Process

  • A personal rescue tripod and winch was used along with a rescue chair
  • All confined space permits were complete in accordance with our company requirements
  • We used respirators, multiple lights, hand signals, and walkie talkie communication throughout the process  
  • Multiple locations for lock-out tag-out had to be implemented, including lock-out of all electrical breakers associated with the area and the material loading pipe as well
  • Proper emergency action plans were established and continuous air monitoring was conducted

Two days later, these bins were clean and ready for service!

Can We Answer Your Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance Questions?

Why, yes! We can. Be sure to contact us today at Painters USA to begin a discussion of your particular goals, timeframe, and facility maintenance needs.

From industrial flooring to alfalfa bins, we can do it all.