Corrosion Control on Rusty Ceilings in Food Processing Plants

Friday, January 18, 2019

Rust is always a big deal. Even if it’s a localized problem and seems inconsequential, it will relentlessly grow, spread its reach, and inevitably cause issues.

And, while most rust compromises the health and integrity of your surfaces, some rust can compromise the health and integrity of your products. This is never more true than in the case of food processing plants, where a rust issue can put you at odds with health and safety regulations.

Trust us - you don’t want your secret ingredient to be rust and paint flakes.

Why Are Food Processing Plants Prone To Corrosion Problems?

In our experience, it’s the continuous exposure to moisture, and particularly the steam that rises up from your food products and equipment to the steel beams and ceiling deck. This elevated moisture content creates the perfect environment for rust, and when it involves surfaces overhead, they can be easy to miss until the problem grows to the point that it demands your attention.

As always, we recommend a proactive maintenance strategy, and one that includes a close, experienced inspection of your most at-risk surfaces. This will help to catch growing problems early, minimizing your expenses and the overall risk of contamination.

Cleaning and Painting Ceilings in Food Manufacturing Facilities

This is where experience really comes into play.

Our team knows how to navigate your specific schedule and operations, making sure that we either avoid disrupting you altogether, or cause the absolute minimum in lost production time.

We also focus on preparation, thoroughly cleaning the ceiling while containing the resulting mess and debris. This brings your metal surfaces back to a clean, healthy condition, one that’s receptive to rust encapsulating primers. These specially-formulated products are designed to fight rust, and offer an invaluable layer of protection.

Finally, we apply a dry-fall topcoat. Any overspray instantly dries and turns to dust before it reaches the floor, and we can easily contain it. This makes cleanup quick and easy, and protects your equipment and commodities in the process.

We Take Corrosion Seriously!

And we know you do, too. Contact us today to discuss how we can partner together to protect your assets, investments, and the integrity of your facility.