Dry Ice Blasting and Painting: The Best in Machinery Maintenance!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

For an industrial or commercial painting project to be as successful as possible, it must be built on a foundation of preparation. Every detail is important, and contributes directly to superior adhesion and performance.

In turn, this translates to more value for you!

One of the most effective techniques at our disposal for cleaning machinery before painting is dry ice blasting. Science is on our side, simplifying the process of thoroughly preparing even the most sensitive of surfaces and environments.

How Does Dry Ice Blasting Work?

While thermal shock is most often a risk, we actually control it and use it to our advantage in this case.

Using a specialized compressor, we blast your equipment’s surface with tiny particles of dry ice (frozen CO2). Upon impact, the dry ice vaporizes, and instantly cools the top layer of the surface. This rapid change in temperature creates thermal stress, loosening the substrate (old paint, coatings, grease, etc.). The pressure of the compressed air helps to fully remove the unwanted layers, thoroughly and effectively cleaning the surface and paving the way for fresh paint.

A Closer Look At Dry Ice Blasting Services

Let’s take a closer look at the process we used to create the transformation in the photos above.

  • First, we cleaned the machine using a combination of hand cleaning with ZEP Purple Industrial Degreaser and (you guessed it!) dry ice blasting.
  • We then lightly sanded the metal surface, creating a substrate that the new paint could more easily adhere to.
  • Next, we masked off all the components that were NOT to receive paint, using tape and plastic sheathing.
  • Painting time! We applied 2 coats of BM Inviro-Poxy Perfection (gloss!).
  • Moving on to the staircase, we painted the stringers, railings, and support columns with 2 coats of Sherwin-Williams Industrial Enamel with brushes and rollers.
  • The guard rail was brought to life with SW Industrial Enamel: Safety Yellow (can’t miss it!)
  • We then removed the masking and thoroughly cleaned our workspace.

You Can Count on Painters USA!

We are committed to not only exceptional service and high-performance coatings, but also to completing our work in a respectful, clean, SAFE manner. Your convenience and total satisfaction is our top priority.

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