Electrostatic Painting of Lockers in Illinois

Friday, June 16, 2017

Our goal is to help our clients however we can, providing creative solutions to a problem if it’s in our power to do so.

In this case, we had the opportunity to bring new life to employee lockers, preventing the need to replace them. While our projects for this particular client typically are large-scale, involving structural steel, tank painting, or expansive flooring repair and system installation, we were happy to scale things down a bit and meet a critical need.

We brought our client’s tired, worn lockers back to our warehouse, then got to work.

What Is Electrostatic Painting?

After cleaning and sanding, we electrostatically painted the metal surfaces. What exactly does this involve?

Electrostatic painting is a valuable, cutting-edge technique for efficiently painting metal. In this process, the paint particles are atomized and electrically charged to repel each other. The metal surface is grounded and given an opposite electrical charge, causing the paint to be attracted to it like a magnet.

What’s the result?

Science does a lot of the work for us, with the paint particles pushing away from each other while spreading evenly across the metal. This offers several key benefits:

  • The paint finish is smooth, and repels the accumulation of dirt and bacteria
  • Even tough, hard-to-reach places are coated evenly because of the electrostatic pull of the paint particles to the surface
  • There is very little overspray or mess to contain
  • The smooth, even finish looks like it came right from the factory

As you can see, the electrostatic painting process worked wonders for these lockers! It was our pleasure to help.

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