Epoxy Floor System Installation in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Area

Monday, April 30, 2018

While many of our projects take us to the industrial sector, developing specialized coating and flooring systems for demanding environments, many of our projects take us to commercial properties as well. In fact, we’re just as comfortable designing stunning decorative epoxy and concrete solutions as we are lowering ourselves into silos or coating towering tanks.

Our mission is to simply provide the services our clients need, whether that be in a gorgeous lobby or a high-pressure manufacturing facility.

In fact, a few of our most popular commercial services include:

In this case, our work involved installing a new floor system in the breakroom for a plastics manufacturer on the northern side of Ft. Worth. Unfortunately, their previous contractor had put down an epoxy floor without properly preparing the substrate, and this resulted in a quickly-failing system.

Removing a Failing Epoxy Floor System, and Applying a New One

Here’s a closer look at our process:

  • Step 1 was to remove the old system. This involved grinding the surface with our On Floor Diamond Grinder, to both remove the failing coating as well as abrade the original floor.
  • Next, we repaired any cracks that were wider than 1/8”, and any spalls larger than a quarter.
  • We then applied 1 coat of Sherwin Williams General Polymers 3746 Epoxy 100% Solids.

As we often say, preparation is 80% of a successful project. If the surface isn’t ready, even the best products and application techniques aren’t enough to guarantee a desirable outcome. We’re thrilled to share that this story had a happy ending for our client, with a floor solution that exceeded their expectations.

It Pays To Find an Experienced Painting and Flooring Company

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