Epoxy Floors, Line Striping, & Concrete Polishing: Flooring Services That Transform Your Facility

Friday, October 05, 2018

This is a perfect season to think about interior maintenance, especially if you live and work in the northern states.

Most of the time this kind of interior work includes industrial cleaning, painting, equipment and machinery coatings, etc.

This is all important to consider, but how are your floors?

Flooring in your facility likely works hard, doesn’t cause much trouble, and can be a little too easy to take for granted. Proactive care, repair, and improvements, however, can radically enhance the aesthetic quality and function of your property.

What Are the Benefits of Industrial Flooring Services?

Our experienced floor crews can tackle repairs, replacements, and finishing for all types of concrete floors. This can include:

  • Repair floor cracks and failing expansion joints
  • Provide a safe, anti-slip surface
  • Protect the concrete from wearing away
  • Install safety and aisle striping
  • Meet the cleanliness requirements in the food industry (including antimicrobial surfaces)
  • Proactive care ALWAYS reduces risk, lowers maintenance expenses, and increases value, safety, and efficiency

Whether your needs are industry or service-specific, keeping you in line with regulations, or whether you need a unique system to meet your own performance requirements, we can help. And, our multiple locations allow us to mobilize our team quickly and efficiently, keeping costs for our clients down.

We also invest time in careful, thorough preparation. These initial steps lay the foundation for success, and are the key to a truly successful, high-performance solution.

Let’s Discuss Your Industrial and Commercial Flooring Needs

We’re confident in the services and experience our team can offer! Contact us today to book your project, or to simply discuss your needs and goals in more detail.